• Open Source Software

    Our work is based on flexible open source software which allows easy customization and implementation of your desired functionality.

  • Embedded Software Development

    We can create reliable and high quality software for your custom hardware according to your specifications.

  • Management

    Our solutions provide optimized auto configuration and dynamic service provisioning, firmware image management, as well as status and performance monitoring.



  • CWMP client

    freecwmp is the only GPLv2 licensed TR-069 client working out of the box with OpenWrt and has been successfully tested with:

    • freeacs-ng
    • OpenACS
    • Motive Home Device Manager (HDM)
    • Fusion (Ping Communications)
    • Motorola Netopia Broadband Server (NBBS)
    • Panorama (Jungo)


    The project is divided into two main parts called freecwmp core and freecwmp scripts.

    The first part, written in C, deals with communication with an ACS server, authentication, message parting, invoking commands, receiving notifications from the system and receiving responses, while the second contains scripts which collect the functionalities that execute ACS actions on the OS itself.


    This project is being actively developed since 2011. It is now being used by various ISPs and network equipment vendors in production environment.

  • Auto Configuration Server (ACS)

    GPLv2 licensed Auto Configuration Server (ACS), freeacs-ng, is implemented as SCGI (The Simple Common Gateway Interface) server which does not duplicate functionality that can be provided elsewhere.

    From the start, freeacs-ng was designed to provide:

    • easy integration with any system
    • fault tolerance
    • easy scaling

    That said, freeacs-ng does not need to have its own database.


    freeacs-ng consists of two parts which communicate by using messages. The first part is the SCGI daemon, written in C, and the second part are the backend scripts which can be written in any programming language.

    For message transferring within the loosely coupled code, AMQP (Advanced Message Queuing Protocol, an open standard application layer protocol for middleware that is message-oriented) is being used.


    Since development started in late 2012 most of the system components are completed. Currently we are working on web interface which will not put restrictions on the current design.

  • CWMP proxy

    mod_cwmp is a modular extension to Nginx HTTP server which, when combined with Nginx features, provides:

    • load balancing
    • proxy caching
    • protocol optimization
    • message inspection (feature not publicly available)


    Nginx is an open source reverse proxy server for HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP, POP3 and IMAP protocols. Its functionality can be extended by writing various modules.

    Due to security reasons, we are not in a position to publish the whole code, seeing that this would enable the attacker's understanding of the provisioning process which would, in the end, enable an easier exploitation of the systems in question.


    The development started in late 2011 in order to solve security issues found in some production systems.


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